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Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium with Prismatic Gardens

Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium with Prismatic Gardens

You’ve probably heard of making terrarium with moss and ferns, succulent and cacti, and other easy-to-maintain plants, but have you heard of Marimo moss ball terrariums?

Marimo (also known as "Japanese Moss Balls"), are a rare and unique species of algae native to Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan. The Marimo species is found only in a small number of lakes in the northern hemisphere. They are a source of fascination in Japan, where they are popularly kept as home or office “pets” and for good luck.

Craft your very own whimsical yet practical aquatic ecosystem. Discover just how simple it is to build and maintain your new Marimo moss ball terrarium. These terrariums will make the perfect plant “pet,” as minimal care is needed; they thrive on indirect sunlight and a monthly water change! Make one for yourself or make one as a gift for a friend! All materials are included and you will create and take home your very own terrarium. 

Registration required. Please register in person, by calling (585) 617-6181, or at www.ogdenlibrary.com

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Ogden - Meeting Room
Ogden Farmers' Library

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