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The Mindful Homestead

Is it possible to turn away from the traditional scarcity model of "never enough" and scale down to a simpler life? Join Mary and Darrell Birchenough as they discuss how life transitions led them to more mindful practices both in the kitchen and the garden.

Mary, who returned to crafting her grandmother's traditional breads while caring for her aging mother, will share her insights on bread baking as a contemplative practice and how it led to her blog, Kneading Life.

Darrell, a former optometrist, will have an old fashioned show and tell and share a variety of things he's created not only from locally sourced materials but from things he's foraged right in his own backyard!  You'll have a chance to see a range of practical tools ranging from a simple apple crusher for cider to a hand-knotted fishnet.

In this workshop you'll be inspired to go home and see new possibilities for a simpler, more mindful life! Registration is requested.

Saturday, March 3, 2018
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Ogden - Meeting Room
Ogden Farmers' Library

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