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Invasive Species Update: Asian Worms with Dr. Andrea Davalos

Dr. Andrea Davalos, assistant professor at SUNY Cortland will discuss the invasive species Asian worms. Dr. Davalos’ interest is conservation biology, completing her advanced degrees at Cornell University.

Three species in two genus of the Asian worms are of concern as they are very efficient at breaking down organic matter, leading to the loss of forest leaf litter and organic mulches and compost in the home landscape. The result is a change in the understory flora of the forest and increased opportunity for erosion and nutrient loss in landscape.

Dr. Davalos will discuss investigations underway, learning more about these worms. It is known to have been in the Rochester area since prior to 2004. it is now found in many communities in Upstate New York. She will talk about best management practices to minimize is further spread. Call the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Monroe County, with questions: (585) 753-2550

Thursday, April 26, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Irondequoit - Densmore Creek (#114), Irondequoit - Irondequoit Bay (#115), Irondequoit - Lake Ontario (#113)
Irondequoit Public Library
  Age Level - Adults  

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