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IPL Genealogy Group: Illegitimacy & Bastardy with Marian Henry, Past-President of the Rochester Genealogy Society

If you’re sufficiently open-minded, the skeletons in your family’s closet can be most interesting. In this talk we consider a particular class of such skeletons - illegitimacy. This can be difficult research. We will consider first how to tell if a birth actually is illegitimate.Then we’ll look at the inverse of the mother’s-maiden-name problem - finding the father’s name. Along the way we will establish that, although a bastard is always illegitimate, an illegitimate child is not always a bastard. We’ll learn the difference between an imputed father and a reputed father. We’ll look at what kind of records might have been created at the time and why all this matters anyway. Registration required.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Irondequoit - Densmore Creek (#114), Irondequoit - Irondequoit Bay (#115)
Irondequoit Public Library
  Age Level - Adults  

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