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Short Films Discussion: Daring to be Different

Short films are a powerful medium for telling stories.  Enjoy these short films by clicking the links below, they are all freely accessible.  There will be a discussion of the films in a 30 minute Zoom session on Saturday, May 23rd from 6 - 6:30pm. Watch the films before the discussion.

Theme: Daring to Be Different

Submarine Sandwich (2014, 1:55 min., PES)


Animated short, "Submarine Sandwich," by director Adam Pesapane, known as PES.  You will never again be as hungry for inanimate objects!


The Making of Submarine Sandwich (2014, 4:47 min., PES)


Meet Adam Pesapane (PES) and see how he does his magic!


Les lèvres gercées (2018, 5 min.) France Animation

A boy needs to talk to his mother, but she is not ready to listen.



Laymun (2017, 5 min.) UK Animation

The story of a woman who rebelled against the destruction of Aleppo, Syria by doing exactly the opposite: planting lemon trees to not only bring beauty back into broken homes, but to show her community that there is hope of survival and a future after war.



The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story (2018, 19 min.) USA Documentary

UPS man, stunt man, actor.  Daring to be different, but can he stop?



Before the Storm (2018, 11 min.) UK Documentary

Giving kids a connection to the city through London Bike Storms.



Lazy Susan (2018, 7 min.) USA Comedy

Susan is different from her sister, but she finds a way to shine!



Join us for a 30 minute discussion of the short films on Saturday, May 23rd.  Here is the Zoom link and the password is:  different

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Saturday, May 23, 2020
6:00pm - 6:30pm
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